4Automatic Control Valve

DN 50 – 800 mm
PN 10 – 40 bar

DIN EN 588-1 series 1(DIN 3202-F1)
Flanges: DIN EN1092-2(DIN 2501)
Product Features:
AB Control Valves are used as regulating and Control valves. The body is designed in either horizontal or
diagonal shape, with the internal configuration suitable for fluid flow. The valves are controlled automatically                                               Presentation1
by a pilot valve and water flow. The body interior and exterior is coated with epoxy powder.
Automatic control valves are used to control pressure, flow rate, fluid level, pump operation and … automatically.
they can use in water supplies and water storages, pipe line and water networks, pump stations, etc. these
valve can be used for fluids such as water and raw water with temperature up to 70°C.


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