GlobeGlobe Valve
DN 50 – 800 mm
PN10 & 16 bar
DIN EN 558 – 1 series 1 (DIN 3202 – F1)
Flanges according to: DIN EN 1092-2 (DIN 2501)
Product Features:
AB Glob Valves are used for flow control and controlling parameter is related to valve opening percentage. Body
material is cast iron and seat ring from stainless steel,profile sealing ring is EPDM or NBR.this valves is designed                     Presentation1
such away to repair or changing part without dismantling from pipe line.                                          
Globe Valve is used as a flow rate regulating valve manual or by electrical actuator. This valve can be used in
water supply networks – pipelines - industrial piping and …

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