NeedleNeedle Valves

DN 150- 1600 mm
PN 10- 40 bars

DIN EN 1092-2 (DIN 2501)
Product Features:
The annular flow cross section prevents vibration and allows a linear ratio of flow variation to the valve opening
percentage. Linear movement of the plunger in forward direction causes reduction of flow rate and at the end                                                   Presentation1
position closes the valve with complete tightness by positioning the piston profile sealing ring on the seat ring.
Body: a cone shape, in one piece in the small sizes and in few pieces in the larger sizes.
Piston Guide: The long piston guide ensures smooth piston movement in each direction without vibration.
Seat ring: Different application of needle valves is determined by different replaceable types of seat rings.
Gearbox: The valves can be operated by worm screw gearbox, hand wheel or by electric and hydraulic
The Needle valves may be used for pressure control and flow adjustment in pumping lines and main supply
lines. Flow media is water, Air (other media on request), permissible working temperature is 70°C.


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